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Intellectual Property (Cores)

WDC provides the CMOS 65xx Microprocessor family of GDSII Hard Cores and Verilog RTL Soft Cores which have been proven in high volume production of our standard product line. WDC has licensed 60+ companies worldwide on our microprocessors.

Customer Testimonial

Judy Kuo, Director of Consumer Industry Marketing Division, Winbond Electronics Corp.

"By using the matured 65C02S core, Winbond is able to develop application specific chips for speech and MIDI synthesis in a timely manner. The unified user interface in code development ensures the successful deployment to customers while lowering the development system cost. As highly-flexible solutions roll out constantly, Winbond is leading the way to help customers innovate their products easily. "

Licensing Process

IP License Business Model

The WDC licensing business model is flexible and is a combination of licensing fees and royalties that can be negotiated at the time of licensing. Our Technology License Agreement (TLA) is available to those qualified potential licensees under an NDA. Once licensed, all required views of the technology are transferred under the TLA. Our IP has been proven in volume production standard products and various licensed ASIC products of our licensees on various pure play foundries for example UMC and TSMC at sub-micron geometries. In addition, several integrated device manufacturers have had significant success within their internal manufacturing facilities over the last 25+ years. WDC can retarget to specific process nodes or as a licensee you can retarget to any CMOS process node you desire.

Comments on Lattice FPGA Usage

"Our Lattice XP2 implementation is an instant-on emulation of our GDSII hard cores. Having an emulated ASIC core gives the user the ability to either emulate an ASIC or just stay with the XP2 for complete flexibility in one device. Flexibility in design is one of the hallmarks of the 65xx brand technology over the last 33 years. This legendary flexibility secures a wide breadth of application not available with other processor families especially on an 8-bit cost effective bus. The Lattice XP2 devices help showcase our products while providing the end customer with new value added features."
       - David Gray, WDC Engineering Manager

W65C02S 8-bit Microprocessor (MPU)

The W65C02S is a low power 8–bit microprocessor utilized in a vast array of products for the Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, and Medical markets. This chip features a full external data (8–bit) and address (16–bit) bus for easy integration with 8–bit peripherals and memory.

W65C816S 8/16–bit Microprocessor (MPU)

The W65C816S extends the 65xx technology family to handle 16–bit processing with a 16MB memory space while its emulation mode allows complete hardware and software compatibility with 64KB 6502 designs. The New Direct Register and stack relative addressing provides capability for re–entrant, re–cursive and re–locatable programming.

W65C134S 8–bit Microcontroller (MCU)

The W65C134S is a feature rich 8–bit microcontroller based on the W65C02 with an advanced (originally designed for life support) Serial Interface Bus (SIB) token passing local area network for multi–W65C134S processor systems. The W65C134S has a full external memory bus (8–bit data and 16–bit address bus) for flexible system design. This MCU has an embedded debug monitor ROM with a library of routines that can help you reduce development time.

W65C265S 8/16–bit Microcontroller (MCU)

The W65C265S is the 16–bit extension of the 65xx microcontroller family. Along with increasing the memory space to 16MB with a full external memory bus (8–bit data and 24 bit address bus) for flexible system design, the W65C265S includes 3 additional UARTs, increased GPIO, Parallel Interface Bus, twin tone generators (can perform DTMF signaling) and more. Similar to the W65C134S, the W65C265S has a built–in debug monitor ROM and libraries. A reference design with OS kernel, display, ToD, data communications and power management software is available directly from WDC to ease system development.

W65C21S 8-bit Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA)

The W65C21S Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA), a flexible I/O device, has been used successfully with many different microprocessor families especially the 65xx, 68xx/68xxx and x86 microprocessors. Two program controlled 8–bit bi–directional (bit programmable) peripheral I/O ports allow direct interfacing between the microprocessor and selected peripheral units with manual or interrupt driven hand–shaking.

W65C22S 8/16-bit Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA)

The W65C22S Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA) is a flexible I/O device similar to the W65C21S. In addition to I/O, the W65C22S provides two programmable 16–bit Interval Timer/Counters with latches and synchronous serial interface shift register.

W65C51S Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA)

The WDC CMOS W65C51S Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA) provides an easily implemented, program controlled interface between microprocessor based systems and serial communication data sets and modems.


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