Dear WDC Customers,
In order to keep our website our most up to date marketing tool, we have made some significant updates, which we would like to share with you.

  • The IP Section has been replaced and now contains information about our IP Licensing Model as well as a flow chart of our licensing process.
  • Our datasheets have been updated with new graphics and content.
  • We have updated our software development tools for easy installation. Please download our new FreeSDK. We would appreciate your feedback on our improved download.
  • More detailed chip information has been added to the Chip Section of our site.

  • Please review these pages when you have the opportunity and let us know how you like our updated pages and datasheets.

    We now have the W65C21S6 in stock in both 40 PIN DIP and 44 PIN PLCC. Both packages, as well as all of our 65xx chips, are completely RoHS and GREEN compliant. The W65C21S6TPG PIA is 14 MHz and compatible with all WDC processors. Please let me know if you would like samples of either of these products. As always, we provide complete support for our tools and technology directly from our home office in Arizona. If you have questions or need samples, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Increased Third Party Support for 65xx Based Microcontrollers
    iSystem AG ( offers On-Chip and In-Circuit Emulation solutions for all of the popular microcontroller families including 65xx based microcontrollers. iSystem have updated their website to include ICE support for the Micronas CDC16xyF (W65C816S based) family of microcontrollers. iSystem also offers winIDEA , a complete development environment that supports WDC's W65C816S ISO/ANSI Standard C-Compiler. WDC will be working with iSystem to showcase all 65xx based microcontrollers that are supported by iSystem products.

    Linda Deutsch
    Sales Manager
    65xx - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.