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W65C816S 16–bit Microprocessor

Microprocessor Programming Model

W65C816S Programming Model

Features of the W65C816S
  • 8−bit data bus
  • 24−bit Address Bus 16Mbyte Memory and IO Space
  • 16−bit ALU, Accumulator, Stack Pointer and Index Registers
  • 91 Variable Length Instructions
  • 24 Addressing Modes
  • 1.8−5V Operating Voltage
  • 14MHz Operating Bus Speed
  • Valid Data Address (VDA) and Valid Program Address (VPA) for cycle steal DMA implementation
  • Abort (ABORTB) input and associated vector for processor repairs of bus error conditions
  • Separate program and data bank registers for program segmentation or full 16 MByte linear addressing
  • Direct Register and stack relative addressing for re−entrant, re−cursive and re−locatable programming
  • Block Move Instructions
  • Fully Static for Power and Radiation Management
  • Verilog RTL Core Available for FPGA Development

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