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WDC was the first company to license microprocessor Intellectual Property (IP) (1981) and, also the first company to supply microprocessor chips as a fabless semiconductor company (1984). We specialize in 65xx brand microprocessor technology. The following information is provided to have you become more acquainted with WDC and our pioneering efforts.

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65xx Microprocessor Family
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The Western Design Center, Inc. (WDC) Founded in 1978 by William D. Mensch, Jr., WDC has licensed its 65xx brand microprocessor Intellectual Property (IP/Cores) to the electronics industry since 1981. WDC is considered a pioneer in the design and licensing of microprocessor technology Intellectual Property (IP) cores and inspired Acorn engineers to create the wildly popular ARMxx series of microprocessors. GTE, Rockwell, MOS Technology, Synertek and NCR were some of WDC’s first licensees. In addition, WDC began selling 65xx brand microprocessor chips to Apple Computer in 1984 making it the first supplier of microprocessors as a fabless semiconductor company.

Legendary Microprocessor Technology

COMDEX 96 honored the 6502 as the first of only seven microprocessors having the most impact on the Information Technology industry over the previous 25 years. Mr. Mensch, WDC’s Founder, was a recipient of this prestigious award on behalf of the 6502.

The following is a list of some of the pioneering products that the 65xx technology is remembered for:

Commodore KIM–1 Single Board Computer

Personal Computers
    Apple II, Apple IIc, Apple IIe and Apple IIgs
    BBC Acorn Computer
    Commodore PET, VIC20, 64 etc. commodore computers

Video Games
     Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo

Hand-Held Electronic Publishing
    Franklin's Digital Book System

    Rockwell modems
    General Instrument analog set–top boxes
    Micronas closed caption digital TV chipsets

    Micronas dashboard controllers

    Embedded Microprocessor Defibrillator’s

Billions and Billions sold

Through the last 30+ years as one of the most popular microprocessor architectures of all time the 65xx brand is estimated to have over six billion embedded 65xx processors shipped and is growing by hundreds of millions of units per year, provided by WDC and its licensees. The following is a partial list of high volume applications that have been successful in using 65xx processors:

- Personal computers
- Video game systems
- Modems
- Floppy disk drives
- Set–top cable boxes
- Telephones
- Fax machines
- Pagers
- Digital television chipsets
- Copiers
- Scanners
- Wireless cameras
- Security Systems
- Telecom Devices
- Electronic Books
- Personal Digital Assistants
- Toys
- Automobile dashboard
- Appliance controllers
- Industrial controllers
- Embedded heart defibrillators
- Pacemakers
- Point of Sale Terminals
The Western Design Center (WDC) Mission Statement

"The Western Design Center, Inc. (WDC) will passionately embrace our role as the premier global source for the pioneering, proven and highly successful 65xx brand microprocessor technology. We will maintain the highest standards of technology, manufacturing, tools and technology support services. While pushing forward, we will continue to assist our clientele to find new ways to enhance their products, maintain an enjoyable and mutually beneficial work environment for our employees and increase the investment return to our stakeholders."


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