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Third Party Support

In addition to the support provided by WDC, several companies, organizations, and websites provide third party support for the WDC 65xx brand microprocessor family. We provide the following information and links to help you find third party support in the form of tools, information, and support resources when working with the WDC 65xx technology. In addition to this Third Party Support page you will find support within our various partnerships. Be sure to check out our Partners page.

Disclaimer: We have not completely verified the functionality of these tools. Please contact the tool vendor for any support specific to their product.

Organizations Link is a resource for people interested in building hardware or writing software for the 6502 microprocessor and its relatives.

6502 Group Link
Golden, CO based group that has been meeting weekly since 1975.

65xx On Wikipedia Link
Category listing for 65xx at Wikipedia

Tools List

6502 Cross-Development Languages and Tools List Link


Investigating Interrupts Link
Stacks Link

Third Party Tool Suppliers

6502 Macro Assembler & Simulator
Contact: Michal Kowalski
WDC CPU Supported: W65C02S
Tools: "Integrated Macro Assembler, Simulator and Debugger for 650x Microprocessor Family."

Michal Kowlski Assembler/Simulator
Click here to find out more about 6502 Macro Assembler.

Avocet Systems Inc.
3 Gordon Drive
P.O.Box 1347,
Rockland, ME 04841
Phone: (207) 596-0080
Fax: (207) 596-7767
Contact: David Bardon
WDC CPU Supported: W65C02S, W65C134S, W65C816S, W65C265
Avocet Tool(s): 65C02, 65134, C Complier Tools Suite
65816, 65265 Development Tools
Click here to find out more about AVOCET.

Data Sync Engineering
P.O. Box 539
Footbridge Lane, Bldg #3
Blairstown, NJ 07825
Phone: (908) 362-6299
Fax: (908) 362-5889
Contact: Ed Fischer
WDC CPU Supported:W65C02S
Data Sync Engineering Tool(s): W65C02S Cross-32 Meta-Assembler

Click here to find out more about Data Sync Engineering.

Strandbodgatan 1
Phone: 46 18 16 78 00
Fax: 46 18 16 78 38
Contact: Haiying Yuan
WDC CPU Supported:W65C02S, W65C134S
IAR Tool(s): W65C02S Development System

Click here to find out more about IAR.

Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 1
85247 Schwabhausen
Phone: (858) 385-9100
Fax: (888) 543-5300
Contact: Ray Schnorr
WDC CPU Supported: W65C02S, W65C134S
Click here to find out more about iSYSTEM.

Shanghai Office
RM. 202, Building B
#1618, Yi Shan Road
Shanghai, 201103
Phone: +86-021- 64064782, 64064832
FAX: +86-021- 64064836
Contact: Mos Lin
WDC CPU Supported: W65C02S, W65C134S
Micetek Tool(s): In Circuit Emulator, Easypack 6502F
Click here to find out more about MICETEK.

Phone: 886-2-28811791
Fax: 886-2-28820836
Contact: Bright Huang
WDC CPU Supported: W65C02S, W65C134S
Microtime Tool(s): Domingo IDE,
65C02 C Compiler

Click here to find out more about Microtime.

NoICE Debugger
WDC CPU Supported: W65C02S
Microtime Tool(s): NoICE Serial Monitor,

Click here to find out more about NoICE.

Phone: (972) 272-9392
Fax: (972) 494-5814
WDC CPU Supported: W65C02S, W65C134S, W65C816S, W65C265S
TechTools Tool(s): TechTools ROM Tools

Click here to find out more about TechTools.

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