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Core Applications

The Core Applications page supports customer use of our 65xx intellectual property (IP). Here you will find example applications of our cores in current production use.


Speech ⁄ MIDI Microcontrollers
TV Edutainment Microcontrollers – W55 Family

Key Features
  • Highly integrated, single chip solution (W55V91/2/3/4)
  • 16-bit 65C816 MCU core
  • 27MHz system clock
  • Up to 1M byte internal ROM with flexible program/graphics mapping
  • Sprite/Background/Color palette
  • General purpose I/O
  • Benefits
  • Lower chip cost and production cost
  • High performance
  • Uses low cost 27MHz crystals
  • Allow optimized program/content balance
  • Colorful screen and animated objects for game play
  • Support contact switches and joystick user interface

  • Applications
  • TV Toys
  • Personal Video Player

  • Automotive

    16-Bit Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) Controller
    Micronas CDC 1607F-E
    Micronas CDC 1631F-E
    Micronas CDC 1651F-E

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