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AN-005: W65C265S Replacement Notes for 16-bit Microcontrollers

The following is a comparison of the W65C265S with the Motorola DragonBall 68328 and Intel 186. It is meant to list some features and provide users of the DragonBall and Intel 186 with a state of the art RoHS compliant alternative.

W65C265S Comparison with Motorola DragonBall 68328 and Intel 186
Motorola DragonBall 68328 Intel 186 WDC W65C265
16-bit static CPU 16-bit static CPU 16-bit static CPU
2 timer/counters 3 timer/counters 3 timer/counters
4 GByte 1MB address space 16MB address space
Clock generator Clock generator Clock generator
DRAM Controller DRAM refresh N/A
Interrupt Controller Interrupt controller Interrupt controller
CMOS Input Levels CMOS input levels CMOS input levels
Power Management Power management Power management
Watch dog timer Watch dog timer (on some versions) Watch dog timer
1 UART, 2 SPI Serial channels 4 UARTs (with 2 baud rate timers)
78 I/O ports 22 I/O ports 64 I/O ports
32 bit address bus 20-bit address bus 24-bit address bus
8/16 CPU Ext/Int bit data bus 16/16 CPU Ext/Int bit data bus 8/16 CPU Ext/Int bit data bus
N/A N/A Parallel Interface Bus
? N/A 8192 Byte Built-in Monitor ROM
Interrupt N/A Edge interrupts
16 Chip Selects 4 Chip Selects 8 Chip Selects
? N/A 576 bytes on-chip SRAM
N/A N/A 29 on-chip interrupts
144 pin TQFP 68 pin PLCC 84 pin PLCC/100 QFP
N/A 4 Channel DMA controller N/A
? 4 MB bus bandwidth @ 8MHz 8 MB bus bandwidth @ 8MHz
PCMCIA 1.0 support N/A PCMCIA 1.0 Support (see Mensch computer)
PWM output N/A Pulse Width Modulation output/Pulse Width Measurement input
Real Time clock N/A Real Time clock
LCD control module (on-chip) 640 x 480 N/A N/A
System Integration Module (Internal) N/A N/A
2.7 MIPS @ 16.67 MHz ? 8.33 MIPS @ 16.67 MHz
N/A N/A  


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