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Terbium ­ Your 65xx Future!
We have had many of you request information about our Terbium microprocessor plans.

We feel that the 65xx brand microprocessor's Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) has never been fully understood and especially in light of other well know ISA′s. In addition‚ since 1975 the language of computer architecture has evolved to the point that some of the features of earlier microprocessors deserve a fresh description with current terminology. That said‚ WDC will reframe the 65xx ISA with this new terminology­ add some features and call it the Terbium ISA.

Some questions need answers:

      1. Why does WDC feel compelled to name the architecture?

      We choose to name this ISA because it is neither a Reduced Instruction Set Architecture (RISC) nor a Complex Instruction Set Architecture (CISC). Calling it the Terbium ISA just says we are different. Our opportunity requires that we point out the differences and state the value proposition. We plan to provide a "white paper" description of the Terbium ISA to begin brand recognition.

      2. Why use a name like Terbium?

      We use Terbium because it is the 65th element in the periodic chart of elements. Sixty­five is our favorite number! We plan to keep 65 as part of all our microprocessor′s number identifiers.

      3. What are the goals for the Terbium ISA?

      We plan to compete with all 8­‚ 16­‚ 32­bit or beyond microprocessors. In addition‚ we plan to promote our licensees as Terbium Alliance Partners (TAP) in support of a variety of industries. We plan to call on a few of you to review evaluation kits of our next generation Terbium microprocessors when they are available later this year.

      4. What will be the first use of the Terbium brand name?

      We have begun using the Terbium brand name with our ANSI Standard Plum­Hall Validated W65C816S C compiler development tool suite Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Our Terbium IDE (TIDE) interfaces with our existing developer board and can be configured for our customer′s application boards and licensee′s ASIC microcontrollers/SoC′s.

We hope you not only enjoy seeing our efforts as they come to fruition‚ but also continue to profit from existing and future Terbium microprocessors!

65xx ­ Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
In 65xx news,

We are expecting new evaluation versions of the 6551 ACIA “W65C51STPG­14” to arrive in late February.

The 6521 PIA “W65C21STPLG­14” is out for packaging and will be available in Q1.

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WDC is dedicated to improving our development tool suite and to providing easy access for your continued evaluation and use. Please take the time to download our new Terbium IDE (TIDE) along with our ANSI Standard C compiler tool suite. This FREE evaluation copy supports both the 8­bit W65C02S ISA and 16­bit W65C816S ISA. Take a test drive and let us know how you liked your experience!

Application Information
We want to know more about you and your application of microprocessors. On our website‚ we have created an Application Info Form that is intended to help us help you. Please take a few moments to fill in this form so we can use this information to help us serve you better. We will use this information to guide our current and future technology development efforts.